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Play Video about Best Motorcycle Wheel Change Tool

Motorcycle Wheel Removal Tool

Changing wheels used to be frustrating. Now, not so much. Chuck a Chuqy under it and change easy.


Will you wish you came up with the idea yourself?
Now stop reading this and start changing your wheels the easy way.
Get yours for $99.99


$99.99 AUD – postively bargain price!

No, Chuqy is not designed to hold the weight of your bike!

Chuqy is designed for use on dual sided swing-arm bikes. Double sided swing arm only. Max tyre width 210mm.

The gap between the wheel and the ground, when the bike is on the stand, must be 10mm-130mm.

Slide the vertical rod out, and re-insert upside down. With the manufacturing process the vertical tube that the rod fits into is slightly tapered (it’s called a draft), if you put in the ‘wrong’ way it’s tight, put in the other way and it’s correct. Yes we should have marked top and bottom and moving forward, we will – sorry!

We sell a set of replacement thumb nuts, go to the website and we’ll post them to you.

You can cut the horizontal rod to fit, just make sure you measure carefully and don’t cut too much off.

Yes it will, set up Chuqy in exactly the same way as for the rear, remove calipers and axle, then lower Chuqy using the quick release buttons before sliding out. When refitting, slide Chuqy in between the forks, then raise using quick release as high as you can get, then use the screw motions of the vertical rods to align the axle.